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my name is dylan shearsby. i'm a storyboard artist, cartoonist and painter based in melbourne australia. my film and tv experience includes storyboarding for the feature film "I, Frankenstein" (2014), the SBS miniseries "Better Man" and countless TVC's. i've illustrated a children's book and many cartoon posters. follow my original art works on facebook here, and check out my blog here.

news: i've just put up some of my storyboards and concept sketches from 'I, Frankenstein' here. Some animation storyboards can be found here. i now regularly update my artist profile on facebook, so check it out and click the 'like' button to receive new paintings and plein air sketches in your feed.

Lifeguard TVC Storyboard   Concept Sketch inspired by The Place of Dead Roads   Animated GIFs by DylanSketchbook
TVC Shootboards   Hamer Hall Concept Art   NWW 2013 Poster Illustration Check out my painting and sketchbook feed on facebook
4WD Crane TVC Storyboard   Game Art   The Wine Tasters